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Dosing and Administration

Apidra® has the longest defined dosing window in the RAI category2-4 The longest defined premeal and postmeal dosing window – a full 35 minutes2-4

Patients have flexibility when it comes to dosing before or after mealtime

  • Unlike insulin aspart and RHI, Apidra can be dosed within 20 minutes after starting a meal2-4
  • If mealtime is late, patients can still be on schedule with their prandial insulin

They can adjust their dose to what they eat, instead of eating to what they have dosed

  • Being able to dose within 20 minutes after starting a meal can make it easier to figure out the correct dose
  • The dosage regimen of Apidra should be individualized and determined based on their physician's advice in accordance with the needs of the patients

How to Initiate and Dose

The AACE Algorithm for adding/intensifying insulin starts with the addition of a basal (long-acting) insulin. If glycemic control is not achieved, treatment may be intensified with prandial insulin.1

Glycemic Goal:

  • <7% for most patients with T2D; fasting and premeal BG <110 mg/dL; absence of hypoglycemia
  • A1C and FBG targets may be adjusted based on patient's age, duration of diabetes, presence of comorbidities, and hypoglycemia risk

Adapted from AACE/ACE Consensus Statement1

Adapted from AACE/ACE Consensus Statement1

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